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AllWEB Sollutions SA

AllWEB Sollutions SA
Founded in 1992, Allweb focuses on providing professional IT services for data – driven businesses. Our company develops state-of-the-art solutions which unlock the power of organizations historical or real time data and enables them to improve their performance in parallel with reductions to their operating costs.

About us
Allweb is an information technology consultancy specializing in Big Data applications, Business Analytics solutions, Internet of Things implementations and eLearning (content, apps, games).
Today companies are transforming their businesses by leveraging the power of Big Data and Business Analytics.
Our solutions include a portfolio of technology platforms and professional services to unlock the potential of data.
Whether in the form of data management tools, dashboards, tablet reporting, high speed databases, budgeting systems, Allweb implements advanced solutions to enable companies to manage and analyze data in real time.
Our dedicated consultants is a multi-disciplinary team of professionals with strong backgrounds in business analysis, data analysis, data science, project management, software development and system integration.
Allweb over the last 20+ years has delivered successfully over 450 projects to clients in the Government, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Health, Utilities, and provided solutions for IT, Finance, HR, Sales, Marketing and Operations departments.

Our people
We are a talented team of 19 full time professionals with complementary skillsets. In our team you can find data architects, data scientists, business analysts, developers, system administrators and admin stuff.
The experience of the members of our team in both technical and business consulting engagements creates a unique combination of qualifications that is capable to bridge the technical knowledge with business needs and vice versa. Due to the strong technical background which is in the heart of our team.
Allweb can practically take over and deliver any technical challenge, ranging from the development of simple web applications to highly demanding data mining and data analysis software tools, while the team members have the knowledge and business thinking to identify and utilize the value that is generated through the technical capabilities that are provided by existing or newly developed software.

Allweb has 28 years of expertise in eLearning content development, eTutoring, eLearning Management and eLearning Consulting Services. The last 5 Years have developed expertize in the following aspects: Serious Games, Automated Course Authoring, Wearable Tech Training (implementation), Responsive Learning Management Systems all combined with cloud a big data infrastructure.

Contact Persons:
Thanasis Lekkas – alekkas @
Gianna Ioannidou – gioannidou @