О4 Geographic Information Systems

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The main goal of the professionalizing didactic module is to introduce teachers, trainers and, therefore, end users to the main GIS databases and tools dedicated to integrated territorial management of Cultural and Natural Heritage. This module continues and deepens the didactic path started in the previous Outputs. The approach to integrated management and valorization of the NRGs in the field of sustainable tourism is, indeed, further explained in this module by showing the possibilities offered by the most up to date technologies for processing different categories of data on a determined geographical area (elaboration of geospatial thematic groups). The module consists of three submodules and, from an educational point of view, it can be used as an optional addition of the advanced program proposed in O3. This approach allows teachers to freely evaluate the opportunity of integrating the module into their courses.

Each submodule consists of three items.

  • A didactic handbook aimed at providing teachers and trainers with information useful to introduce, present and possibly deepen the contents of didactic presentations to the students. This document is organized accordingly to a format of lesson planning that allows teachers to easily add notes on concepts that they want to stress and highlight during the lessons, write some key messages that they consider useful to transmit to students, draft examples useful to better explain the concepts introduced in the corresponding part of the didactic handbook.
  • A didactic presentation consisting of a set of slides designed to present the main contents of the module to the students.
  • A questionnaire developed in accordance with the ECVET standard criteria and dedicated to assess the students’ understanding of the main contents of the module.