O5 CHERISH Charter

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The “CHERISH Charter” is envisioned to be a reference document that presents the didactic products and good practices developed by carrying out the CHERISH project, in order to offer these tools to the competent authorities, to the VET system and to all the organizations that deals with sustainable tourism and valorization of NRGs.
The Charter systematizes all the activities performed during the CHERISH project by presenting its philosophy and results, emphasizing how the proposed products can represent a significant added value to the primary target group (VET teachers and trainers) as well as positive effects for the end users (VET students and learners).
The document is organized according to four thematic areas:

  1. Organized and concise presentation of the products developed and the main results obtained within the project.
  2. Guidelines for the use of CHERISH didactic products;
  3. Presentation of the results of the testing and valorization activities of the project products carried out in each of the five EU Countries that participated in the project;
  4. Storytelling of operators who introduced innovations in the sector of sustainable tourism and valorization of Cultural and Natural Heritage.

Download the CHERISH Charter here