University of Salamanca – General Foundation

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University of Salamanca – General Foundation

University of Salamanca – General Foundation
University of Salamanca – General Foundation (hereinafter FUNGUSAL), has extensive experience in the fields of education, knowledge management, education and training of young people. FUNGUSAL is a public non-profit organization established in 1998 Its main purpose is to cooperate and assist the different departments of the University in the development of its activities and projects; together with the conservation of the cultural heritage of the University, one of the most important of the Spanish historical heritage.

The University-Enterprise Department aims to promote relations between the University of Salamanca and any public or private institution, in relation with any area of mutual interest. Some examples are:

  • Organization of training programmes in enterprises for students and recently graduated students and VET students (in regional, national and international enterprises)
  • Coordination of the Institutional and Business programme of the University
  • Participation in European and International projects and programmes
  • Promotion of the culture and innovation activities in SMEs

Contacts: Coordinator of European projects: Alberto Hernandez Gudino
E-mail: ahgudino @