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The Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Dobrich is an autonomous non-governmental organisation established to support local entrepreneurial activities and to enhance regional economic development and prosperity. The Chamber’s main goals include the encouragement of international trade and investment as well as serving as a reliable representative of its local members at the national and international level.The Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Dobrich offers its members and external clients a comprehensive portfolio of consultation and information services, including: trade register entries, certification of official documentation, information on investment, funding and partnership opportunities, access to international databases, a full package of business services for company missions, international fairs and company presentations, qualification seminars and courses, business planning, market research, specific contracts with foreign companies, legislative (national and European Union law) accounting consultations, translations and legislation services. Built on the foundations of the former Euro Info Centre, in 2008 the Dobrich Chamber became a regional node within the larger information and consultation network for enterprises established by the European Commission – the Enterprise Europe Network. Within this network the Chamber provides services on innovative development, business co-operation, and participation in national and international programmes to the North East planning region.

The 200 members of the chamber include: electrical and construction maintenance and repair companies, manufacturers of construction supplies, a college of technology, engineering and construction companies, agricultural equipment and machinery manufacturers, agricultural and food producers, touristic companies, etc. The Chamber supports innovation and research in these companies by providing free advice for its members as well as in the inclusion of databases for business cooperation.

Contact person: Vesselina Syoyanova