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CHERISH National and comparative reports

National Reports present and discuss the state of the art reached in the field of sustainable management of Non-reproducible Goods (NRGs) that have been identified in each of the five UE Member States involved in the project.
The documents have been produced by taking in account all the three dimensions of sustainable development (environmental, economic and social), giving particular attention to those Sustainable Development Goals that are specifically aimed at preserving Cultural Heritage and Natural Capital as well as at improving the sustainable management and valorization of NRGs. In this regard, dedicated documents produced by internationally Certified Bodies, such as “Culture for the 2030 Agenda” (published by UNESCO in 2018), have been used by the CHERISH partnership as useful tools to accurately relate the SDGs to the main features of the management of NRGs that can be detected at national level in each of the five European Countries involved in the Project.

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