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Partnership at work – kick-off meeting in Varna

CHERISH kick-off meeting, attended by all projects partners, was hosted by CCI Dobrich in Varna on 21st and 22th of November 2019.
The core purpose of the meeting was to ensure that all partners had a clear understanding of the aim of the project, the project workplace and their roles and responsibilities during the life of the project. Furthermore, the meeting allowed attendees to gain a better understanding of the expertise of each partner organisation and the value that they will bring to the project. The meeting commenced with each partner introducing their organization and presenting their experiences. A presentation of the 26 months’ project was provided by Project Coordinators Pietro Ragni and Piero Ciccioli, from National Research Council-CNR, followed by a detailed discussion on the first Intellectual Outputs to be realized.

Funded by Erasmus+ under Key Action 2, Cooperation and Innovation for Good Practices, CHERISH Project is aimed at providing VET teachers with a coherent set of informations and a teaching programme focused on the valorization and sustainable management of Non-Reproducible Goods (NRGs).

The interactive teaching program will consist of didactic modules with a strong European profile and with particular regard to sustainable tourism. Modules will be designed, using ECVET criteria, to help teachers raise awareness and develop a pro-active attitude among their students in the sustainable development of Europe.