Module 3 – NRGs and Economic Dimension

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This module is dedicated to present an introduction to the best practices dedicated to combine the sustainable management of NRGs and the creation of business activities that are economically rewarding as well as beneficial to the local environment, with particular attention paid to the so called ‘green jobs’. In this regard, some EU initiatives are presented, such as “Cultural Routes” that is an educational and tourism cooperation project on Cultural Heritage, aimed at developing a series of itineraries based on historic routes that have transnational importance and significance for the understanding of common European values. The opportunities generated by “Cultural Routes” for SMEs to develop sustainable products and services within the framework of tourism activities that the project generates are presented as well.

A two-pages example of the didactic handbooks created for Module 3

The sub-module is dedicated to introduce develompental tourism as a powerful driver to promote a sustainable economic growth of tourist destinations in developing Countries by implementing good practices through the so called ‘developmental tourists’ (e.g. short term researchers and humanitarian workers). The sub-module presents also some good practices in this field, such as “Tourism for SDGs”, the platform developed by The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO, a United Nations specialized agency) and dedicated to give information on funds that will be made available internationally to sustain projects aimed at making tourism a driver for achievingthe 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

A two-slides example of the didactic presentations created for Module 3

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