О1 Sustainable valorisation of NRGs

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The main objective of O1 is the production of the comparative report, a document aimed at providing VET teachers and trainers with a tool useful to understand the development trends in the sector of sustainable valorization of NRGs and identify some models, good practices, policies and enabling technologies to take as an example. The development of the Comparative Report methodologically consisted of three different phases, each one leading to a specific product.

1. In the first phase, each partner of the project produced a national report that presents and discusses the state of the art reached in the field of sustainable management of NRGs that has been identified in the respective Country.

2. Based on the results of these studies, each partner identified and selected local companies that represent virtuous and meaningful examples of the approach developed by the respective Country for improving sustainable management of NRGs. These aspects have been highlighted in dedicated case study documents by means of the answers provided by the companies interviewed on environmental, economic and social impact indicators.

3. All the products developed on a national scale (five national reports and ten case studies) were finally ‘clustered’ the comparative report.

These three types of product are presented as follows.