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CHERISH Case study documents are online

Case Study documents present information on selected companies that represent virtuous and meaningful examples of the approach developed by each one of the five European Countries involved in the CHERISH project for improving sustainable management of Cultural Heritage and Natural Capital. Each Case Study has been selected on the basis of its high degree of representativeness of the technical and scientific knowledge, the know-how and the cultural-environmental-economic priorities of the respective Country of origin. These aspects have been highlighted in the dedicated documents by means of the answers provided by the companies interviewed on environmental, economic and social impact indicators. Two Case Study documents have been produced for each of the Countries involved in the CHERISH project, one is relevant in the field of preservation of Cultural Heritage while the other is significant in the field of protection of Natural Capital.

Case study documents
Each Case Study document present:
Importance of the challenge in the field of preservation and/or sustainable management of Cultural Heritage and Natural Capital that the company decided to face.
Solutions developed by the company to address the problem.
Brief description of the positive impacts produced by said actions undertaken by the company, presented in the light of environmental, economic, social, customer, people and performance impacts.
Brief description of the experience that the company gained by facing the challenge
SDGs that can benefit from the solutions developed by the company.

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